How to Properly Use the Extension Ladders

How to Properly Use the Extension Ladders

An extension ladder is one of the most efficient accessories that could allow the user to reach great heights without using scaffolding. However, most of the people do not know how to use an extension ladder in the right way. This could lead to fatal accidents most of the time.

As far as we know, there are more than 100 ladder-related accidental deaths every year and more than 100000 ladder injuries per year. If you want to avoid such incidents while using an extension ladder, then consider following the instructions mentioned below.

Step 1: Inspect the extension ladder first, yes, most of the people neglect to inspect the ladder before using it. You must inspect the ladder visually before using it. Make sure, no joints are loose and no nuts and bolts are missing.

How to Properly Use the Extension Ladders

Step 2: If you are going to use the latest extension ladder for the first time, you should read the user manual and then get to know the importance of each part of the ladder. Remember, do not try to simply mount the extension ladder on the wall and use it. Understand the importance and use of safety shoes, rung lock, fly section, rope, and pulley.

Step 3: Check if the ladder is suitable for the work you are planning to do. Remember, each extension ladder would have a maximum load it could handle, verify if your purpose of use and load comes within its specifications.

Step 4: Now, move the ladder to the position. Before moving it, make sure the ladder is rung locked, or else your fingers could be hurt if stuck between it.

Step 5: Once you move the extension ladder to the position. You need to simply pull the rope to extend the ladder to get your required height. After you extend the ladder to the required length, you need to rung lock it to avoid the ladder closing while climbing it. Read the user manual and understand very well how to use the rung lock properly.

Step 6: After you properly rung lock the extension ladder, you need to mount the ladder on the wall. Make sure that the base and the head of the ladder rest on an even surface.

Step 7: While mounting the ladder you should make sure that you mount it at an appropriate angle, the angle should not be too high or too low.

Step 8: If the top end of the ladder cannot be mounted on the wall for some reason, especially if it could damage, chip, or if it is an uneven surface or if there is a window or door. Then consider using a ladder stabilizer. Even if there are no such issues, you could consider using a ladder stabilizer.

Step 9: Now, after mounting the extension ladder on the wall, you should start climbing the ladder. Remember, take each step carefully and slowly, do not hurry, and do not carry anything while climbing it.

Hope you will follow the instruction mentioned above carefully, do not neglect any of these instructions and steps.

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