How to Choose the Best Hairdryer?


Who does not wants to have a collection of the best hair grooming tools? One of the most necessary hair accessories appliances is a hairdryer. If you desire to achieve a salon finish hair styling, similar to the one which hairdressers in the parlor perform to enhance your haircut, having the best quality hair dryer will help you! Hairdryers not only help in drying your hair; instead, you can use them for styling your hair with a few combs and a skillful hand. It does not take long to learn the art of hair styling when you have a personal hairdryer.

You can practice it at your home every day to become a pro! Who does not wishes to have one of the best hairdryers available in the market? Here are a few things to look at before buying a hairdryer:


Types of hair dyer:

  • Iconic: They effectively dry the hair without making it lose enough moisture. It helps to keep your hair hydrated and rich in texture. They can be a combination of titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline, or chrome.
  • Titanium: These dryers are effective for dense and long hair. It produces heat that quickly helps in the drying of hair. Make sure you do not pick it if you have thin, small, and less voluminous hair.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic hair dryers consist of porcelain and ceramic material. They have quick heating action that is accurate for styling and drying both the procedures.
  • Tourmaline: These hair dryers distribute even air to ensure proper moisture locking in the strands and root of the hair.

Power/ wattage:

The more is the wattage of the hairdryer, the lesser will be the drying time. However, make sure to pick a hairdryer with hair safety features to prevent your hair from damage by excessive heat. A hairdryer with a strength of 1800-2000 is pretty enough for use. However, if you are a professional, and looking for a salon hairdryer, you can go for higher ranges as well.


Various kinds of technologies are provided in a decent quality hairdryer. Look for these features:

  • Moisture locking property.
  • Prevent overheating and hair damage.
  • Safety features ensure you about your health.
  • Infrared and ion emission makes it an advanced hairdryer.

Size and weight:

The size and weight of a hairdryer are other vital factors to consider. If you often travel, make sure to pick a sleek, small, and high efficient hairdryer. However, if you are looking for a hairdryer for non-dynamic use, you can go for larger ones too. Make sure you can handle the weight for styling your hair with enhanced perfection.

Heat settings:

The hairdryer with more heat options will allow you to use the heating mode according to the requirement. Control settings enable you to use the dryer in low, moderate, and high heat mode. Some of them also offer other control features to make it easier to use.


We hope that buying a hairdryer will no longer remain a confusing task. Make sure you go through all the points before buying a hairdryer. Thanks for reading!

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