Best Manual Pole Saw 2019

Pruning and trimming will be much easier with the help of the manual pole saw. Buy it and experience the best as the manual pole saws will become your proper helping hand when you are doing pruning or trimming of a few feet tall tree than your reach. Skilfully designed sharp blades are sufficient to get your work done anytime.


#1 Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Lightweight Extendable Tree Pruner

This 12 inches extendable tree pruner owns a head design of Fiber Comp and being lightweight it reduces your fatigue while you are using it.  

Pros- Friction reducing, holds the sharp double-grind blade. Lightweight with great pruning capacity.

Cons- Though sharp blade, applying much pressure may affect its sharpness.

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#2 Silky Saws Katanaboy Teeth, X-Large

It is one of the best pruning tools with a large size that can be folded. This two-handed saw is the professional’s favourite, and the rubberised non-slip handle gives a smooth feeling to your hand.

Pros- Zero noisemaker and need no oil or fuel to run. Able to cut but dry and wet woods.

Cons- The users are satisfied, and there are no negative feedbacks as such.

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#3 Silky Folding Landscaping Hand Saw SUPER ACCEL 210 Large Teeth

When you need an extra aggressive cutting, it is the appropriate one. Not only for cutting woods it can be used for hunting and outdoor purposes.

Pros- Very fast and clean cuttings can get. Available in two type teeth sizes.

Cons- The negative feedbacks are zero and have a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

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#4 Fiskars 9394 12-Foot Extendable Pruning Saw

Instead of buying different pruning tools for the sake of shaping different trees of your garden just buy one Fiskars 9394 12-Foot Extendable Pruning Saw as it can deal with all type of trees.

Pros- A sharp replaceable blade which is hardened and 15 inches long. Push-pull technology is used during the cutting. The safety measures are present.

Cons- Most of the reviews show positive comments for this tool.


#5 WOLF Garten REPM Tree Saw Pro

This is one of the best gardening tools considered by the users. This easy to carry cutting tool contains a bending type of blade which helps you to give cuts from any angles. It can remove the branches after cutting each of them as the blade is hooked at its top edge. The best facilities for a small price.

Pros- With healthy teeth and short handled, Lightweight, 14 inches steel blade and the telescopic handle.  

Cons- No negative feedback proves its popularity among the gardeners.

Verdict- Choose any of the pruner-trimmer mentioned above. These manual pole saws serve you the way you use it. The products are good in quality as well as available at a reasonable price.

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